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Resources for Employers and Businesses

Webinars & Events

Welcome to our Webinar Hub for Employers and Businesses!

At Achkar Law, we are committed to providing valuable insights and resources through our series of webinars. Whether you are looking to stay informed about the latest legal trends, enhance your understanding of complex topics, or gain practical advice from our experienced legal professionals, our webinars are designed to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Explore our upcoming webinars and access recordings of past sessions to stay ahead in your legal knowledge.

Upcoming Webinars

June 18

June 18 | Eliminating Bias in Recruitment, Interviewing, & Hiring

Address and reduce bias across all stages of your hiring process to promote diversity and compliance. This session delves into recognizing implicit bias, implementing fair practices during recruitment and interviews, and using tools to ensure an equitable selection process. Enhance your team's diversity and strengthen your company's culture through informed and inclusive hiring practices.

June 25

June 25 | Employment Legislation Updates

Stay informed about the latest developments in employment law with a focus on the Working for Workers Four and Five Acts. Understand the implications of these updates for your business and receive actionable advice on adapting your policies to meet new requirements. Ensure your operations remain compliant and effective.

Webinar Recordings

Crafting Effective Performance Improvement Plans

Crafting Effective Performance Improvement Plans

Gain insights on legally sound performance improvement plans. Understand how to set clear goals and provide feedback within legal guidelines to support employee success and protect your organization.

Strategies for managing toxic employees webinar recording

Strategies for Managing Toxic Employees

Explore practical strategies for identifying and managing toxic behaviours in the workplace. This session will cover legal considerations, effective intervention techniques, and tips for fostering a positive work environment.

Conducting Fair Workplace Investigations

Conducting Fair Workplace Investigations

Understanding the dynamics of workplace investigations is crucial for maintaining a fair and legally compliant work environment. This 30-minute webinar hosted by two of Achkar Law’s experienced lawyers delves into the basics of conducting effective workplace investigations.

how to defend against human rights applications webinar recording

How To Defend Against a Human Rights Application

Handling human rights applications can be a complex challenge for any employer. This 30-minute webinar by Achkar Law provides in-depth insights and practical strategies to effectively defend against these applications. 

Civil Lawsuits - What They Are and How to Prepare For Them

Civil Lawsuits: What They Are and How To Prepare for Them

This Achkar Law webinar looks into the critical aspects of civil litigation for employers in Ontario. This session is tailored to help employers manage legal disputes effectively, covering everything from the basics of civil litigation to strategic responses to statements of claim.

Shareholder Agreement and Corporate Structures webinar recording

Shareholder Agreements and Corporate Structures

Join Christopher Achkar for this webinar where he delves deep into shareholder agreements, corporate structures, and dispute-resolution mechanisms.