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Resources for Employees

Webinars & Events

Welcome to our Webinar Hub for Employee!

At Achkar Law, we are dedicated to helping you resolve workplace challenges. Whether you need guidance on legal rights, workplace policies, or conflict resolution, our webinars provide practical solutions to address your concerns. 

Webinar Recordings

Handling Workplace Investigations Against You As An Employee

Handling Investigations Against You as an Employee

Facing a workplace investigation can be stressful and confusing. This webinar provides crucial guidance for employees undergoing investigations for alleged policy breaches, harassment, or other matters.

The Human Rights Application Process in Ontario Webinar

The Human Rights Application Process

Gain a thorough understanding of the Human Rights Application process in Ontario with this webinar hosted by experienced human rights and employment lawyers from Achkar Law. This session covers everything from the initial application steps to what to expect during mediation and hearings.

Understanding Your Rights During Terminations webinar recording

Understanding Your Rights During Terminations

Termination can be a challenging time for any employee. Knowing your rights is essential to ensure that you are treated fairly and receive all entitlements due. This webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge to handle terminations confidently.

Navigating Workplace Challenges

Navigating Workplace Challenges

Understand how to address workplace bullying and harassment, the steps for reporting and complaints, and the intricacies of constructive dismissal.

Upcoming Webinars

No Upcoming Webinars at This Time

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