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download free eBook - Exit Paths A Guice to Employment Terminations in Ontario
Downloadable resource

Exit Paths
A Guide to Employment Terminations
in Ontario

A Must-Have for HR Professionals and Managers

Navigating the complexities of employment terminations can be one of the most challenging aspects of management. Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, a staff manager navigating team dynamics, or a small business owner striving to balance legal compliance with maintaining a positive workplace culture, our comprehensive eBook is your go-to resource.

Inside the eBook, You'll Find

  • Insights into Termination Types: Understand the differences between voluntary and involuntary terminations, including detailed explanations of termination with cause, without cause, and constructive dismissal. 

  • Effective Termination Process Strategies: Learn the art of conducting termination meetings that are both respectful and legally sound. Gain insights into best practices for clear communication, ensuring a process that upholds dignity for all parties involved.
  • Navigating Negotiations and Settlements: Equip yourself with strategies for negotiating severance packages and understand the importance of mediation as an alternative to litigation. 

  • Choosing Legal Support With Confidence: Discover how to select the appropriate legal support for your needs. Learn what factors to consider to ensure your and your employees' interests are well-represented and protected, emphasizing the value of professional advice in complex situations.

Download our eBook now to transform the way you manage employment terminations, fostering a more resilient and respectful workplace.

**Note: The reference is not meant to replace the guidance of a legal representative and should not be relied upon without consulting a lawyer.

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