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Downloadable Employer resource

Quick Guide for Employers: Interviews, Hiring and Firing

The Quick Guide for Employer: Termination of Employment covers dismissals in the workplace which, when done incorrectly can lead to a considerable amount of liability for the employer. The termination process is riddled with details and steps that, if missed, can lead to a costly legal risk down the line, which is why we recommend having an experienced employment lawyer as your legal representative.

Ensuring that a company’s employment termination process is free of discrimination and is compliant with the Employment Standards Act is a good place to start. The Quick Guide Employers: Termination of Employment provides employers with a detailed dive into terminations in the workplace, in ways to not only reduce liability but improve morale and the overall workplace environment.

**Note: The reference is not meant to replace the guidance of a legal representative and should not be relied upon without consulting a lawyer.

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