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Resources for Employers and Businesses

eBooks and Downloadable Resources

Welcome to our Resource Hub for Employers and Businesses!

At Achkar Law, we are committed to providing valuable insights and resources through our eBooks and downloadable resources. Whether you are looking to stay informed about the latest legal trends, enhance your understanding of complex topics, or gain practical insights from our experienced legal professionals, our resources are designed to help you deal with the legal landscape with confidence.

Available Downloads

Exit Paths: A Guide to Employment Terminations

Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, a staff manager, or a small business owner, our comprehensive eBook is your go-to resource regarding termination of employment.


The Right Questions: A Legal Framework for Hiring

Unlock the key to successful, legal, and effective hiring practices with our concise guide.


A Step-by-Step Guide t o the HRTO Process

Our eBook offers step-by-step guidance to navigate the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario stages.


The Essential Steps of Civil Litigation: Understanding the Legal Journey

This eBook is designed to help you grasp the essentials of the civil litigation process, offering clear and practical information.


Commercial Litigation: An Essential Guide

Our e-book offers a strategic overview, empowering you with the information you need if you are considering initiating or defending against commercial lawsuits effectively.


Partnership Disputes: A Guide to Common Legal Issues

Our e-book is crafted just for you! Partnership Disputes: A Guide to Common Legal Issues offers insights into potential conflicts and legal issues that arise between partners