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Resources for EmployeEs and workers

eBooks and Downloadable Resources

Welcome to our Resource Hub for Employees!

At Achkar Law, we offer a range of resources specifically for employees and working individuals. Whether you seek to understand your rights, gain clarity on workplace issues, or receive practical insights from experienced legal professionals, our downloadable guides and eBooks are here to assist you.

Explore our collection of resources and access the information you need to navigate the employment landscape with confidence.


Available Downloads

Facing Termination: Essential Information for Employees

If you are facing termination, it is crucial to be well-informed about your rights and the steps you need to take.


What To Remember If Your Are Terminated: A Checklist

Our simple termination checklist is designed to help you stay focused and make informed decisions that could significantly affect your termination and severance package.


A Step-by-Step Guide to the HRTO Process

Our eBook offers step-by-step guidance to navigate the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario stages.


The Essential Steps of Civil Litigation: Understanding the Legal Journey

This eBook is designed to help you grasp the essentials of the civil litigation process, offering clear and practical information.


Building a Claim for Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Cases: A Checklist

It Is critical to document any incidences of workplace harassment. This checklist provides a simple guide to follow.


Documenting Workplace Issues: A Checklist

Facing challenges at work can be stressful, but documenting these issues properly can make a significant difference in resolving them.